The rehearsal dinner of all rehearsal dinners by Alex Rivera

i don't photograph rehearsal dinners often. . . but maybe i should be. this night would have made an awesome wedding, let alone a dinner. the people, the venue and the details, take a look. oh and the rain, the rain didn't even register for these two. i think a night before photoshoot should be something to be considered for all brides and grooms. 

Carly & Mark by Alex Rivera

Good, kind and real human beings. . . among a plethora of other things. Their big day was in April, and I still from time to time look through their photos. Taking advantage of this little break in the season that is August, and sharing as much as i can. 

we now return to your regularly scheduled programming with Kyle & Dani by Alex Rivera

it's been a while. work has been crazy and awesome, life too. wouldn't change a thing. time to get these photos out and about. Kyle and Dani, they know how to work hard and party harder. enjoy!

Carl & Lauren by Alex Rivera

Carl and Lauren escaped the Texas heat just in time for an amazing day on LBI with their family and friends. These two were perfect together and i was lucky enough to photograph it throughout their day. Congratulations you two!

Josh & Mariel by Alex Rivera

From their friends and family, to their musically lead recessional through the streets of Beach Haven, Josh and Mariel had a day to be remembered. Congratulations! 

Alli & John by Alex Rivera

These two had an awesome day and i couldn't be happier to have been a part of it. From there engagement photos and meetings to the big day, it was great to have had the opportunity to work with them.